Tips for Buying Goalkeeper gloves

Goalkeeper gloves are the best armor for the goalie to protect goals. A stronger, tougher glove peps his confidence.

Let us analyze some of the features that the goalie has to take while purchasing the best goalkeeper gloves. A salient aspect to consider after choosing the right cut is the wrist and the strap that fastens the glove to the hand. There are many types of closures which include:

Bandage: As the name suggests, this is like an elastic rope that fits strongly around the wrist. Their disadvantage is the difficulty arising during their removal but they are very strong, super fits.

Elastic: This is fairly simple elastic which is sewn around the closure area. They are easy to wear and remove but are not as sturdy as Bandage.

Slit wrist: This type has a combination of bandage and elastic closures with easy on and off but is not as helpful.

Protection of Fingers:

This is a recent addition to goalkeeper gloves where the gloves protect a particular type of injury, namely hypertension. These gloves come with a system of plastic spines which are imbedded in the back of the glove. It is not advisable for everyday use and for youngsters but is helpful for a person who is already having an injury.

Raw materials

The goalkeeper gloves have to durable, easy to use and light weight. They have to be good snug fits too to make it comfortable during all seasons - wet and dry conditions, also there are various turfs of play like grass, mud, astro turfs, indoors. Goalkeeper gloves are made Polyurethane, Fleece (for cold climates but not for hotter weather), latex (the best way to find the ideal fit) and mesh (used for warmer weather and are lighter in weight). There are synthetic waterproof material goalkeeper gloves which provide good protection against the water but do not help in humid weather.

It’s best to invest in goalkeeper gloves which give good temperature control inside the glove. To ensure a solid grip and a good padding, there are different options on the palm. Latex palms provide the firm hold on all situations. There are two major types of these latex palms: Smooth and the textured and dimpled. Though the textured quality lasts longer it is the smooth quality that is most preferred since they give the best grip.

Catch your goals by molding with the best goalkeeper gloves!