Fastpitch Softball Equipment


The 12 inch softball is used in lots of softball leagues including men’s speedy pitch softball teams. It is also employed by women’s fast pitch softball groups and girls’ youth rapidly pitch teams. More youthful gamers largely utilize the eleven inch ball. 12 inch fastpitch softball weighs six.25-7.00 ounces. The ball features a leather-based surface area, and optionally, a lifted seam. The colour in the ball used in most fastpitch leagues now may be the distinguished “optic” yellow.


Bats in fastpitch softball are available different sizes and encompass wooden, aluminum or composite components. All bats utilized in ASA softball competitors will need to have an ASA-approved stamp and become bundled in a checklist of authorised bat products. A fastpitch softball bat ought to not be over 34 inches extensive, using a fall of no more than -13. The fall could be the number calculated by subtracting the weight on the bat in ounces through the bat’s length in inches.


Gloves are worn by all associates in the defensive crew plus they come in a variety of models and dimensions. They can be manufactured with leather or a few other type of durable material. Gloves and mitts vary depending on the posture with the participant. Fastpitch softball gloves are much like baseball gloves, but they can be more substantial, nearly 14 inches from top to bottom.


Fastpitch softball uniforms commonly include a shirt, undershirt, adequately fitted less than shorts, baseball socks, cap, visor and shorts. Baseball caps and head bands are optional for girls. Fastpitch softball sneakers are the part of the uniform. They may have cleats or spikes which have been strictly controlled via the governing bodies in fastpitch softball.

Other pieces of softball gear include things like:

Batting Helmet - That is the main piece of security gear in softball. Softball helmets are built to shield batters head from any type of ball hits by distributing the drive of your ball. It can be constructed of rigid tough plastic and foam. Softball helmets involve optional wire deal with guards and pony tail channels for female athletes.

Sliding Shorts and Sliders - Most feminine gamers wear sliding shorts. They can be padded shorts built to shield the athlete when sliding into a foundation. Sliders protect the shin and calf from injuries when sliding and glance substantially like shin guards.

Catcher’s Gear - Softball catchers must don helmets with face guards and throat protectors, chest protectors and shin guards that achieve up higher than the knees. Softball is quite significant and will induce really serious injuries in the event the catcher is just not thoroughly shielded.

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